Sunday, 8 January 2017

Media....a greatest weapon

आजच्या  जगात अपडेट राहणं जेवढं महत्त्वाचं आहे तेवढच ज्ञानी असंन पण तितकच गरजेचं झालंय . 
आलिया भट ला सामान्य ज्ञानाचा जेव्हा प्रश्न केला होता त्या वेळेस तिची स्थिती जशी झाली होती तशीच स्थिती  बर्याच जनाची असणार . तीच दुर्देव एवढच होत कि तिला मीडिया वाल्यानि सगळ्या जगासमोर मठ्ठ ठरवलं . पण ती एकटीच आहे का तशी?
मीडिया वाले एखाद्या पाणीपुरी विकणाऱ्या माणसाला सुद्धा विचारतात असे प्रश्न आणि त्यांना उत्तर नाही आलं तर मग त्यांचं देशा बद्दलच्या प्रेमाचा पाठ वाचतात . असे कितीतरी लोक या मीडिया मूळे  बेईमान झालेत आणि कितीतरी लोकांना डोक्यावर चढवून ठेवलाय. 
आजच्या जगात मीडिया वाल्याना खूप मागणी आहे. कारण एकच ..... त्यांच्यामधे फूटपाथ वर राहणाऱ्या गरीब माणसाला जगप्रसिध करण्याची ताकद आहे. त्याबरोबरच नरेन्द्र मोदी सारख्या मोठ्या माणसा बद्दल वाटेल ते लिहिण्याची धमक ठेवतात. फक्त नरेंद्र मोदीच नाही तर त्यांच्या जागी कोणीही असो .... मीडिया ला हा जन्मसिद्ध हक्क आहे . 
एवढं सगळं लिहिण्याचं कारण एकच आजच्या जगात जो मीडिया ची ताकद ओळखून तिचा सदुपयोग करून घेईल तोच पुढे जाईल. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Twenty reasons to stop using excel

Small businesses or even big enterprises are using excel in spite of database system for storing data and preparing reports. At the first instance or at the beginning for the new business, it looks easy, cost effective and efficient way to handle data and reports. Serious concern arises when you have lots of data to manage. You may encounter with following effects if going with excel continuously:

1. Slow execution: A large excel may work slow, for excel, large means a file of some thousand of rows. Macros can be created to speedup your work, but sometimes macros also creates worse scenario.

2. An excel may contain virus. Yes, virus can be easily programmed in excel via macro and attached with excel. It may be a big threat for the security of data as well as security of System in organization. Sharing excels via emails as attachments and downloading can cost security as well as can cause duplication of same files within organization.

3. Easy data manipulation: data can be easily manipulated by any user, this may lead to billion dollar loss to your company. Anybody can alter formula or cell value. We can not track why data is wrong and who made the change(if file is not in sharing mode).

4. Lots of human errors: due to lack of control over entry of validated data, excels are error prone . A simple ctrl+D  by mistake may leads to drastic change into insight. A human error during data entry can not be tracked easily. You can go for validating and tracking the data, however this can exhaust your precious time.

5. Auto data type: according to data, excel itself try to assume data type and format of the data. We need to keep eye on format of the data also every time. For example you can not use 0 in front of any number(like 011) . Excel itself removes if you do.

6. Difficult troubleshooting: An excel expert can apply formula or complex formulas to make calculations easy, however it is difficult to troubleshoot error in that. There are no mechanism to test and troubleshoot a mistakenly changed or wrong formula.

7. Process of business should be domain centric, not tool centric. Though excel is easy to learn and easy to handle, somehow it need more expertise rather then customized software.

8. Excel is a decentralized tool. We need to locate each file in system to get It everytime. If there are huge amount of data in many different files then it may be a disaster to find needful one.

9. Not fit for reporting: collaborative activities like Planning, forecasting, budgeting, and reporting needs a standard and well defined format. While, excel is a very much personalized software, every individual has own format and design of reports, it became very difficult to setup an standard for each persons in collaborated activities. It become a tedious job to consolidate these excel.

10. Not a good analysis tool: after collecting data, analysis part came into scenario. Data analysis is very crucial part of data management. However excel is not enough powerful to analyze data directly. We can do this to some extend using graphical representation but again accuracy and decision making capabilities are the big constraints. Excel is not a project management tool.

11. Data recovery: it is not possible to recover a deleted or lost data in excel. It don’t have backup system like database tool. Loss of data can be disastrous for any business. Computer crash, hardware failure or viruses can mess up your all hardwork as well as permanent loss of important data. Microsoft provided auto -recovery  feature, but it helps to some extent only.

12. User need to develop strong understanding of excel, how to handle data, formulas and macros. Person dealing with data can be non-technical. This may leads to slow process and error prone data.

13. Time consuming : Due to lots of human effort in data entry, formatting, error checking, applying formulas and manipulation of data take lots of time. Sometime it annoy too much and affects productivity.

14. Cost matters : there are lots of option's where you can get same system in less price. The cloud-based version of Excel requires a subscription to Office 365, while desktop editions also take out some dollars from your pocket.

15. Dependency : you can feel lucky if you have macro expert in your company. But think once again, do your business has control on that data or the macro expert. A business should be process dependent, not person dependent.

16. Excel crashes: excel can get crashed while working over large data. Sometime we get “not responding” message and excel got hang. Here we can be in two situations either you can return into normal functioning but need to wait(time taking) or excel can get crashed completely, which may leads to loss of data (fatal) or duplication of same work(again time consuming).

17. No real time update of data. As excels are maintained manually, data entry can take place after event held already. Keeping your spreadsheet updated always a hassle.

18. Sharing means messed up: we can say excel provides multiuser feature if file is in sharing. But actually it is not, because everyone has read and write control and kind of sharing which allow simultaneous working on same cell reference.  This is not relevant in the sense of multiuser aspect.

19. Data duplication: you can not control data duplication at first instance( duplication can be detected using validation in excel, but time consuming).

20. You need to arrange training of complex report logic everytime to new employees. Now a days, on job training is one of the biggest challenge for every industry.

Time to upgrade, release all your Excel stress and get efficient, think over it, do you need a database or customize reporting tool, it is about managing data efficiently and it should be your main agenda before going forward. Focus on your core business, lets adopt customized data handling or customized reporting tool. Here, rather then going with global consultancies, your organization can go for an expert consultant. It will help you, for better data management without investing more money. Few days ago, I visited to my college as a alumni. I suggested to get rid of excels for office use to college. Chairman asked me “how much it will cost”. I smiled and replied “less than fee I paid”. I am working with excel and database together at corporate level and feel that some big enterprises also need automation. Work smarter, not harder. Your resources spending hours manually, extracting data, cutting and pasting to create reports, and then have to repeat the whole thing, time and time again? Consolidating data across sources, crunching numbers and creating reports and dashboards. There are lots of reason to automate for better output and revenue.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Graphics and Analysis : Make winning strategy in sports using technology

We know that we can not predict result of any match or individual performance specially in international events like Olympics. However knowing your rival can make you assure that you can give tough competition to the contestant. Yes, i am talking about use of technology in sports, but this is not about hawk-eye technology or 3-D action replay.

Sportsperson works hard on ground, using different training methods. Now most of the players using optimal training methods using technologies. When a players make strategies to win in, while considering weather, crowd and other performers history.As we know now a days IT plays vital role in every field and of course it will play more beneficial role in sport sector  Now a days they can watch high definition videos of their competitors and predict upcoming level of fight. This is helping players and standards of performance is going higher. Here is the card : can be learn about habits of your opponents, his strong hands or weakness, does these things can make a difference. If we go into deeper side of insight we can collect fitness data, information associated with players nutrition. This can increase accuracy rather than manual analysis practices by coaches or player himself.

With the help of highly compiled and accurate graphics and data a player can work towards specific areas, for example Micheal Philips has taken a treatment( i come to know through newspapers) specifically to loose some muscles by which he can swim easily. A bowler or discuss throw athlete can analyse actual trajectory angle which can enhance performance.

Lets talk about sports statics, as we are talking about analysis. The traditional sports statics includes date of encounter, players name their role and match result. However, this should also include some more information's like direction of wind. Pitch condition, weather report, players medical report and every point (for example goal in football) should be examine and categories technically. Really results can be amazing. The level of game and competition will go higher, the games will become tougher. Initial benefit can be taken by teams who will adopt the technology as soon as possible. I hope India will be the first.

Monday, 6 June 2016

India in Rio Olympics : Hoping rain of medals

The largest number of delegates ever from India, performance in London Olympics(6 medals) and position of India in international sports brining hope of something exciting in 2016 Olympics, one of the biggest sporting events.

Olympic games in India were not a catchy event due to drought of medals, number of participants were low, sponsors were not interested and media coverage was also not appropriate.  A big gap of 16 years from 1980 to 1996 results loss of interest in these games. Yes, Leander Paes is the person who won Bronze in 1996 and become flag barrier of enthusiasm for big event in India.  From there India is regularly bringing medals with increasing ranking among other countries.

Rio Olympics will have 306 sets of medals in 28 Olympic Sports and India is participating in 14 Sports. Countdown is going on and increasing heartbeat. We all Indians want more number of medals, however the participating in game is greater then win. Increasing number of participants showing reform in sports and sports becoming an career option for youth.

Some statistics making feel proud and making hope for more medals this time for India.

  • Direct birth of Indian men's hockey team(not qualified in 2008 and entered via qualification round in 2012). 
  • Qualification of women's hockey team after 36 years. 
  • Dipa Karmakar :  first Indian women gymnast qualified for Olympics. 
  • Ranking of our players : Sania Mirza securing world's 1st rank in womens doubles, Saina Nehwal is on world's 8nd rank. Saina Nehwal wins Australian Open Super Series this year just before a month of Olympic games.
  • Avtar Sing qualified for judo, after 2012 this is first qualification in judo.
  • Rohan Bopanna got direct seat and playing with 18 grand slam holder Leander Paes in men's double.
99 Delegates are qualified from India till now, I have tried to bring list here, some of them are to be decided and list will be completed on further announcement. Your valuable comments and feedback are invited.
India at the 2016 Summer Olympic games
Qualified participants of Rio Olympic 2016

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

World Environment Day : Zero Tolerance for Illegal Wildlife Trade

When Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi was taking with me on "Mann ki baat", he mentioned about 5th June: the world environment day. The theme for 2016 is "Fight against the Illegal Trade in Wildlife" kept by United Nations.The illegal wildlife trade is one of the biggest threats  and Wildlife crime is increasing just like drug trafficking, human smuggling and money laundering.Number of endangered species is decreasing day by day. It is become favourite business of organised criminal groups. Black market got better option to earn money easily due to insufficient vigilance, laws related to wildlife crimes,Corruption, toothless laws and weak judicial systems. This is not directly related to wildlife crimes, it can be extended to exploitation of natural resources without any control. These type of activities somehow affects wildlife. As per worldwildlife fund says 2,500 elephants was seized in the 13 largest seizures of illegal ivory in 2011. Poaching threatens the last of our wild tigers that number around 3,890.

Question arises, how illegal trade take birth. Answer is from legal reasons. legally using timber for furniture or building materials, trade of exotic flowers, plants or pets, ‘wild’ ingredients sourced for medicines and cosmetics are legal and clothes, shoes or bags made from, for example, reptile skins are legal as well as famous. Sometimes people take these this as status symbol. Demand of these items are very high which leads to illegal activities. Rhino horn, elephant ivory, reptiles skim and tiger products continue to command high prices among consumers.

 This is coincidence or not, I don't know. But in same year Ramgopal Verma is bringing movie Veerappan. Veerappan was a dacoit and involved in illegal wildlife trading.He  became challenge for government system. when veerappan killed, organised crime in india moved towards this business. some news came across us like Seizure on 1st Feb. 2005, by Delhi Police - Raid on the basement of a warehouse in Patel Nagar. The haul consisted of:
39 leopard skins (including one snow leopard), 2 tiger skins, 42 otter skins, 3kg of tiger claws,14 tiger canines, 10 tiger jaw bones, About 135 kg of porcupine quills, 60 kg of tiger and leopard paws, 20 small pieces of bone that appear to be tiger and leopard 'floating' clavicle bones. and Blackbuck poaching case of Salmaan Khan.

There are lots of news to share regarding these types of crime, the need of the hour is to realize and make tuff laws. Make awareness to the local people, because they are the persons who can help government to stop these activities, non other military can do that. 

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Business transformation to achieve better outcome.

What does business transformation means? 
In general words, organisational change in business environment can be termed as business transformation, that can help to grow it with current or upcoming challenges and triggers outcome to new level.

Why we need Business transformation? 
Business is highly dependent on some specific drivers like technology and energy costs, trends and the challenges of regulatory compliance and many more. These drivers are dynamic in nature, due to which business strategies can never be static and should be changed accordingly. Organisations should be flexible for such type of situations with correct strategic vision.

What is correct approach for transformation? 
Approach for transformation includes mergers and acquisitions, business process outsourcing, and the introduction of shared service centres, enterprise software, and initiatives motivated by sustainability requirements.
Transformation depends on many factors like organisational structure, core product or services, culture, values, standards and technical feasibility. Believing IT can be an effective driver of business transformation, turn IT architecture into business strategy. We can not say this is total re-engineering of business. This is a gradual innovation to align with customers. Transformation can be end-to-end but it should be more specific for each and every phase.

How transformation helps organisation outcome? 
This is not a hard and fast rule that business transformation management yields better success rate, however it always helps for business optimization that leads to operating model refinement. This work as refreshment for board, stalk-holders and staff. This also helps to sustain current success rate, outcome, sharpen its focus, meet service level agreements (SLAs) and business objectives.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

New Event Management Company in Pune

I am back after long time for you guys. This time again with an informative post. I am staying in Pune these days as working in Infosys Pune. I found this city very interesting in terms of behaviour of local persons as well as development in comparison to other cities. Pune is very beautiful and best place to live in India.

Growth of any city brings two major challenges among us:
1. Time saving
2. Money saving

When we talk about enjoyment with family mostly during family events, these factors become more crucial. I come to know with this situation when my friend was celebrating first birthday of his daughter. He was worried about that event, because he was busy in arranging all things when his guest was in the party. He missed enjoyment because he was not able to give time and spent more money because all thing was arranged in hurry, without considering price of things.

 There are so many event management companies in Pune, but not reachable to all, not have reliability as they should have. So, I decided to provide a best blend of traditional and new generation management services to middle level society as well as high level society.

Swamini Events is a world class event management company having number of hands to handle your event in better way which will help you to enjoy your moments which you do not want to miss. I will bring each event here on my blog that we will take care, our success stories and seek your suggestions to bring smiles on the face of Pune.